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PX-04 and PX-01 Hover Pilder

From Toysdaily, a comparison between the new Hover Pilder (or Pileder, says Bandai) PX-04 (based on theory by Shin Mazinger Z) and the old PX-01 in 2000.

In all the photos, PX-01 on the left, PX-04 on the right. As you can see, unfortunately, the differences are quite minimal, limited to the recoloring, a different instrument panel, and an appendix to [...]

GX-39, a supermatrioska!

the GX-39 Baikanfu, a matryoshka hyper amazing technique and posabilità! [...]

GX-24n, the chogokin is naked!

The chogokin limited the Tamashii Nation 2009 is the Tetsujin 28, in a version a bit 'special [...]

Vintage Chogokin Mazinger

We could not miss an article on the Popy Chogokin vintage.
I do not own many, but I could not get the model (toy?) That started the series Chogokin

From the left:

GA-01 Mazinger Z first edition of 1974 (actually the replica Banpresto 1999 ... because the real one costs the same as a Golf)
GA-01 [...]

GX-44s Tetsujin 28 VS Black Ox Go

Panoramic photo of the beautiful gx-44s [...]

Domain Name

Thanks to the sale of the name by Calimero74, finally this site is accessible either as or
I do ask you to use the domain. Com if you want to make links to this site, as that on which the software is installed, and the only one that should be indexed by Google.
If you are looking for the old [...]

Upcoming SoC

According to some Japanese sites, this would be the list of upcoming Soul of Chogokin in output order.

List yen

Energer Z
6,300 yen

Big O
12,800 yen

GX-49 or GX-45R
Shin Mazinger Z
8,800 yen

Combattler V
to be defined

Daitarn 3
to be defined

All prices are in yen values ​​list (excluding local taxes, shipping and customs). Only the first two are already listed on the official website Bandai. [...]

God Mars

I just added the head of a photo blog of the 6 robots that make up God will carry Mars.Qui below the [...]


A little 'thanks scattered:
- Calimero74 for the domain name being transferred on this blog
- SchumyGo and Jackie for the HP logo
- Mazingetter for having accepted the role of co-author ... we look forward to the [...]

GX-46, first pictures

A few photos (these are not mine, taken from Hima Toy) GX-46 came out today.

The posabilità definitely there, but apparently the articulation is quite original ... so much so that some have not understood

# Gallery-1 {
margin: auto;
# Gallery-1. Gallery-item {
float: left;
margin-top: 10px;
text-align: center;
width: 50%;
# Gallery-1 img {
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# Gallery-1. Gallery-caption {
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I can not wait to [...]