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GX-45 Shin Mazinger Z

Photo of Soul of Chogokin GX-45 Shin Mazinger Z.

Much more can be laid from previous Mazinger Z, but unfortunately much lower, is taken from the new anime Shin Mazinger Z, the look is still very similar to the classic.

In the photo to the right in comparison GX-45 and GX-07.

GX-45 in ginocchio GX-45 e GX-07

God ... will also Scrander?

3 comments to GX-45 Shin Mazinger Z

  • Yes, God will also Scrander, missing only the model code (gx-49 or gx-45r?) But is now the official release of a new convertible into Mazinger Big Bang Punch, communication rigorously made by Bandai after ' output of gx-45, in the face of fairness and to the delight of all the collectors ................ : (

  • the mazinga gx45 shin is not 'more' bass other mazinga, but to do it "grow" you must: 1) pull the legs of the soc, you'll see that scenderanno.2) behind the "calves" there are two horizontal rigid arms while the other the need to push and pull the "foot, you'll see that come down 'also questo.dopo the two simple steps your shin will be' top 17 cm. about. greetings and more 'attention

  • @ Chris: it is not carelessness, the position is elongated joints for dynamic poses, not to be placed "at attention" where it becomes disproportionate and with the "balls" outside.
    The same Bandai GX-45 states for a height of 160mm, 180mm against the GX-01R:

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