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GX-24n, the chogokin is naked!

Product as chogokin limited the Tamashii Nations 2009 and therefore ideal successor to the gx-01r +, the gx-24n is a recolor of particular importance in the gx-24 since more than a recolor is a real decolor seen that is characterized by the Being naked, ie without any coating, it is also the aspect that most fascinating attracting far more rare dvd version of the black and white television images of the classic series. Product a bit 'in the economy as gx-01r + (jar of empty bays and miniature reproduction of the broken arm in plastic blister that contains the accessories), this gx-24n for originality shines anyway. Nothing new about the technique than the classic gx-24, with a good posabilità despite the appearance relatively clumsy. It stands out in a negative sense, with respect to color, the different shades of metallic gray trunk and pelvis as a result of the different materials from which they are made, however visually tolerable defect, especially live.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the gx-24n ...........................

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