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GX-13R Dancouga

A photo of the legendary GX-13R Dancouga.

The Dancouga (Dancougar or) was released in 2003 for the Soul of Chogokin series, and despite the years, it remains in my opinion one of the best convertible ever.

The model shown in the photo is the variant "Real Color" made for the Expo 2004. The model is much more expensive than the normal color, but [...]

Fewture Ex Gokin Shin Getter 1

First images of the Ex Gokin Fewture Shin Getter 1 [...]

A hug

The blog Chogokin Mania tightens around his co-author Mazingetter. A big hug Stephen, looking forward to the [...]

Recolor Black Getter - false news?

Apparently, the news was published yesterday on the imminent recolor the Fewture Black Getter was a fake.

Personally, I hope to be reprinted, but apparently it is not absolutely programs Fewture, at least for [...]

GX-45A Atami Night Version

Announced the new limited Soul of Chogokin for the exhibitions Tamashii Nations 2009 Autumn (scheduled for early October): ... another Zetto is very similar to the previous Psycho Gundam Hong Kong Night. The style is in fact that of the GX-01RB, and fully chromed.

If I read well the characters, the SoC is dedicated to the city of Atami; for [...]

The demonic Shin Energer Z and the evil Shin Mazinger Z

Bandai surprised everyone with the unusual coloring of the gx-47 [...]

The prototypes of the GX-50 and GX-51

First official images for gx-50 gx-51 [...]

PX-04: Pilder new, old-fashioned!

The series Soul Of Popynica rises with the Pilder inspired by the new animated series. But is that all that glitters is gold? [...]

New website Bandai Asia

Opens completely revamped the website of the Hong Kong branch of Bandai Bandai Asia. We recommend you to visit: the site is really well done, even the most graphically beautiful than Japanese.

In addition, as documented by this photo, a short on the site will go on sale online exclusive products, exactly as it does in Tamashii motherland. It is clearly [...]

Three new Revoltech

Announced the upcoming releases for the Revoltech series:

Revoltech 073: Gloomy (boh?!?) - August 09
Revoltech 074: Getter Dragon - September 09
Revoltech 075: Neo Getter 1 - September 09

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