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Official photos GX-50 and GX-51

The rumors are confirmed, here are the official photos of the GX-50 (Combattler V) and GX-51 (Getter Dragon from Shin Getter Robo)! In addition, always in November, a new spaceship from the Soul series of Popynica (presumably PX-05): the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepop.

combattler dragon

What is the "original" is that 51 (November) comes before 50 (December) ... boh?!?

5 comments to Official photos GX-50 and GX-51

  • garbin78

    Interesting news ... especially the new Dragun ...
    A question to the more experienced: exactly what changes has the new Combattler than the previous GX-03? and above all, why not encode the GX-03 (R), for example ...?
    Thanks in advance for any replies ...

  • Good questions Garbin.

    Apparently the differences should be:
    1 - Cockpit transparent and open.
    2 - Major posabilità overall, especially in the legs.
    3 - Weapons firing.
    4 - Realigning overall, with a greater emphasis on grandeur.
    5 - New weapons disclosures.
    6 - Overall height of about 240 mm.

    Precisely because of these changes, not indifferent, I think Bandai has decided for the new numbers ... although frankly I think it would be better GX-03R to avoid confusion.

  • garbin78

    Thanks for the interesting explanations, Eclipse ...
    I ..., I remain of the view that a Gx-03R maybe it was more appropriate ...

  • mechadon

    I do not think it is worth spending all that money on a model that basically is the same (gx-3) so many that if you are not going to comb through the differences on paper, you do not see absolutely! This also applies to the dragon throws, what is the point (I mean for us, because for the Bandai sense it has, I do not know what I mean ...) have 2, 3 copies of the same robot when there are still plenty of unrealized and we do not see forward to having, after 12 years since the first aid, have not yet been made as Daltanious robot, Dai Apolon, Trider G7 God Sigma, Daitarn 3 Astroganga, Astrorobot (PVC ones do not consider them), Ginguiser (ditto), Daikengo, JEEG (TRUE that do not shin ...), Godam, Gordian and they continue to recycle the usual ... but when we see others? in 20 years?

  • Ryger

    I agree with mechadon ... although, in my opinion, the bandai is however the risk of devaluing the entire collection with all these proposed again ... I just hope that from now on they're going to wait a little bit more (see Daitarn in prox output ) but ensuring the highest quality and technical perfection at their disposal in order to avoid future "clones touched up" to the prox 30years! :)
    Ps between all those you listed interest me in order: Daltanious, Daikengo, Trider G7 God Sigma ... I also like the Jeeg and the Gordian ... but there is too much difference in scale with the others!

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