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PX-04: Pilder new, old-fashioned!

With the release of the new anime series Shin Mazinger Z Bandai, in addition to production of the recent gx-45, took the opportunity to resurrect the now defunct Soul Of Popynica years with the production of a new Pilder (with lots of code brand new, PX-04) inspired by the features that the aircraft has the new board.

The box has dimensions and Bandai does not disappoint this time either, as the Pilder years ago and has remained Hover GDP der. Opening it clear from the start that they were invited so I do not know how pleasing to the fair recycling, polystyrene blister and base are in fact exactly those of the px-01.

The figurine of Koji's cute but apparently cared less that the px-01.

We come to Pilder: main differences compared to the first version are relative to the nose (most prominent), the upper boundary of the cockpit (which has a protrusion absent in the px-01), the curvature of the glass (less accentuated in this model) and the upper margin of the central fin (parallel to the ground and not tilted).

The other most obvious difference is the coloration, with a shade of red darker than the red fire of the px-01 and a higher monochromaticity due to the fact that in this case are red colored also supports the blades. Live the color is still very nice, much better than in the photos.

But sorry to see that, not to make a new mold, Bandai has kept unchanged the rear of the aircraft without changing the features as it should (for which there is a grid, typical of the first Pilder, that this revision should be omitted).

In short, a good product since it departed from the mold of a beautiful model, but in the end, a hybrid that is neither 'meat it' fish not having it perfect relevance 'to the classic version it' to that of the renewed Pilder.

To buy if you want it, without doing follies.

Some photos

6 comments to PX-04: Pilder new, old-fashioned!

  • garbin78

    Great Stefano rece ...
    If I may, I think it has changed the interior of the cockpit with a dumbbell instead of the previous stick, I guess in line with the anime ...
    Regarding the purchase ... I will look once saw the object live ...

  • Garbin You're right, I overlooked this aspect of synthesis for obvious reasons. It really is not different just the stick (in this case consists of a dumbbell-style bikes like the Kaiser Pilder) but the whole interior dash, however, much less taken care of the control panel of the px-01 (the latter is very rich in colored buttons ).

  • garbin78

    Yes, of course ... even the dashboard has been "revised" but to save ...

  • like75

    I took it, dismantled, repainted interior, added control lever to the left and now I'm deciding whether before reinstalling the rear and rifagli rivernicialo all over again or whether to replace the rear grille with a sort of cap (level and logically connected) so that it equals the Pilder the gx-45 (already because no one has noticed yet, but Bandai has also Khanate of this Pilder, does not have the grid, but it is flat and not like cardboard ........ SCANDAL, He's picked by the nose with px-04 for reuse a mold but Canare net of the mold of gx-45 ......) I brake a little to the fact that the cardboard is not finished yet, maybe in one of the latest episodes Pilder breaks down due motor overheating fotoatomicosuperspecialsprintcrossv64 and decide to make him a grid; so 'to save the motor and the face of Bandai .....
    What do you say, I proceed with the cannibalization or appearance.
    PS model has cost me less than € 42 including shipping.

  • Well, for the detail on the pilderino gx-45 now goes a bit 'too picky and sincerely
    Also in this case, however, I do not see the scandal: Bandai offers a product (a more or less questionable), leaving the choice to buy it or not, if it does not meet where you leave, no one pointing the gun to his head to anyone ......
    for the price you paid the right, roughly a little more than a figure which I retrieved myself! ;)

  • like75

    In fact it is the only shin, it is not the gun to his head but that is becoming ever 99 and 100.
    I wanted more than anything else a recommendation on canniballizzazione of the model, that's why I mentioned the price, certainly not for Guro ♛ make the costs less. (Cm ² there are those who paid him 60/70 + shipping ⚉ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹)
    To the scandal as you say Bandai produces leaving the liberty faculty of judgment.
    The fact that he did it for the first time a Pilder with folding wings, but with a transparent glass on the lower back non-existent left me with a bad taste in the mouth.
    is like a siren lead to dinner, eat drink but then ....... nothing.
    This one deserved shin shin Pilder ☼ ☂ custom and not a Pilder the fast & furios (like one big point gt turbo with lights and trunk dune weekend)

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