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GX-48 Big O

A photo of the Soul of Chogokin GX-48 Big O The model is really interesting and well done. Only real flaw is the lack of accessories in the box "base", which this time Bandai has decided to put in a set limited (and expensive for us Europeans).

To enhance the grandeur of the sculpt I planned on doing a photo taken by [...]

Lucca '09 - Statues and bigwigs

Further update from Lucca Comics, with some craft items at the fair.

Very interesting these statues in lead 6: 3 on the left are replicas of those found in black Bandai GX (exactly GX-01B, GX-02B, GX-04B); the 3 on the right (the 3 pilots Getter Robo) are made from scratch.

The quality is absolutely identical to [...]

Lucca '09 - Cosplay Gurren Lagann

A few updates from Lucca Comics '09 just ended.

Before the models I wanted to post some pictures of this beautiful cosplay taken from Gurren Lagann.

The costumes are really beautiful in my opinion and well made; wonderful example of the coat Kamina, the fucilone, boots and bra ... 2 sizes smaller

Just going to Yoko, the [...]