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GX-54 Tobikage & Kurojishi

Brief review written a few minutes after receiving the package, but since I do not have much time these days and that we are to have received very few in Italy, I wanted to share with you my first impressions.

As many know, it lacks the polystyrene, and the two robots are contained in a transparent blister pack; in any case, [...]

Baldios CM's

A few photos of the Brave Gokin 19 Uchuu Sensi Baldios.

I've always loved Baldios, the story is interesting and the ending is virtually unique in the anime robot. That's why I bought the model even though virtually all had nipped in the various reviews.

Below the photo of each shuttle and transformations in Baldios.

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margin: auto;
# Gallery-1 [...]

GX-50 Combattler V

I'll be back after a long time to update the blog with some pictures of the GX-50 Combattler V.

The GX-50 came out in December 2009 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original GX-03. Compared to the old model is certainly not revolutionary (the transformation and the overall appearance is similar), but has a number of improvements that reflect the evolution of the production Bandai in [...]