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Lucca Comics Cosplay 2010

Many interesting cosplay this year! Below is my review of the most significant among those encountered during a walk Saturday along the streets of Lucca.

While last year I had been captured by the beauty of Yoko, this year for my first award goes to an incredible job: a beautiful Yamato huge and stunning detail with lots of Adm. Okita (Captain Avatar) and Susumu Kodai (Derek Wildstar).

Many many other fantastic ideas below: a beautiful Mazinger Z accompanied by Sayaka; Commander / Optimus Prime ... convertible. Tetris! Himika, Pollon, Doraemon! I hope you enjoy the photos.

1 comment to Lucca Comics Cosplay 2010

  • Beautiful photos! Have you ever thought to make us a video?
    I I did one on Saturday, also with the cosplayers ever video made with photos I think are better, they are more "stable".

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