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GX-58 Andromeda

Along with its sister Yamato, Space Battleship Andromeda this marks an important innovation for Bandai: For the first time the spaceships are included in larger series Soul of Chogokin, rather than the Soul of Popynica as it was in the past.

Many have turned their noses up, but apparently the choice of Bandai has paid off, as the success of these vessels in the mother country was enormous. Instead a much lower success in Italy: only the few collectors who buy it.

I start by saying that this is really spectacular Andromeda, really massive and huge; the sculpt is really perfect, light years ahead of the previous output Daigokin.

The metal is present in an amount much higher than the previous BPX-01, but we are still far from Aoshima diecast content; eye, are metal the engine, the upper part of which rests the bridge, the "reggimissili" lower, the front of the keel, the turrets. I would say 25% metal, 75% plastic.

Last note on the legendary "cazzilli bright" new ships have fortunately eliminated the ugly control panel of the BPX, incorporating a convenient remote control that allows Andromeda to introduce numerous sound effects, various music drawn from the soul, and beautiful lighting effects + sound waves for guns and engines.

In addition to photos add, for the first time on Chogokin Mania, a video:

Ultimately, I think the best representation of Andromeda on the market; probably he who gives great importance to the metal will continue to prefer the Daigokin, but I think there really are no comparisons.

Well Bandai, but the queen of ships Aoshima probably remain undefeated. But now ... below with robots! CUMPRATE cazzilli LIGHTS!

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