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Clue on the GX-61

Posted by Bandai A new clue on the next Soul of Chogokin GX-61!

三 体 合体 ロボ or "robot union of three bodies."

Could potentially be a good ten: any Getter, Daiapolon, Arbegas, Daikengo, etc.. But I'd bet on one of these two, both on the list of most desired chogokin JP:

Saikyo Robot Daioja, the last of the classic super robot Sunrise
SRX, [...]

Brave Gokin 34 Barattack

And we close today with what is probably forcefully grabs the prize for worst model of the century, the poor Barattack by CM's.

The model is a loyalty that I would call excellent. As you can see from the picture the model perfectly represents his animated counterpart. Piccolino but being paunchy will not notice much.

In the box are [...]

Full Metal Fighter Red Baron

Another article today about the old guard.

This Bandai Gokin 1994 may in fact be considered a precursor of subsequent lines Chogokin (non-vintage) Soul of Chogokin 1996 and 1997.

Red Baron is taken from an anime of the same year, in turn revisiting the old Tokusatsu of 1973.

The model is made of a block of [...]