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Abbreviation Name Date List yen Link
GA-01 Mazinger Z 1974 Rev
GA-02 Getter 1 1974
GA-03 Getter 2 1974
GA-04 Getter 3 1974
GA-05 Great Mazinger 1974 Rev
GA-06 Robot Junior 1975
GA-07 Super Robot Mach Baron 1975
GA-08 Amazon Rider 1975
GA-09 Reideen DX 1975
GA-10 Getter Dragon 1975
GA-11 Getter Lyger 1975
GA-12 Getter Poseidon 1975
GD-99 Aquarion Genesis Master Combination DX 09/2005
GE-01 Aquarion Strong Attack Type DX 03/2006
GE-02 Gacha Gacha Doraemon 2006

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