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EX Shin Getter 1 and broken wings

It's finally been released by Fewture EX Gokin we were waiting for almost 2 years: Shin Getter 1; despite not having the same strength in my "disruptive" of the early EX Gokin and being in these less, the robot is still aesthetically really nice.

Unfortunately, the quality control Fewture has struck again: the problem of [...]

Lucca '09 - Statues and bigwigs

Further update from Lucca Comics, with some craft items at the fair.

Very interesting these statues in lead 6: 3 on the left are replicas of those found in black Bandai GX (exactly GX-01B, GX-02B, GX-04B); the 3 on the right (the 3 pilots Getter Robo) are made from scratch.

The quality is absolutely identical to [...]

The prototypes of the GX-50 and GX-51

First official images for gx-50 gx-51 [...]

Three new Revoltech

Announced the upcoming releases for the Revoltech series:

Revoltech 073: Gloomy (boh?!?) - August 09
Revoltech 074: Getter Dragon - September 09
Revoltech 075: Neo Getter 1 - September 09

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