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Metal Composite Psycho Gundam

A photo of the two dell'accoppiata Psycho Gundam Metal Composite out for the series.

On the left is normal, right version of the Hong Kong Night, exit to the fair Tamashii Nation in 2009.

Now we have to decide which one to sell ... normally I would not doubt I do not like the colors chrome / invented / gold, I love playing and turn my chogokin [...]

MSZ-006 Z Plus

A few photos of the Gundam Fix Metal Composite # 1005 (red version).
Model decidedly controversial, since some sites are praising him to sculpt and trasfomabilità, denigrating others for coloring almost absent (the appearance is almost that of a MG mounted dry).

The truth is probably somewhere in between: from the point of view of the transformation model is absolutely outstanding, [...]