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PX-04: Pilder new, old-fashioned!

The series Soul Of Popynica rises with the Pilder inspired by the new animated series. But is that all that glitters is gold? [...]

Official photos GX-50 and GX-51

The rumors are confirmed, here are the official photos of the GX-50 (Combattler V) and GX-51 (Getter Dragon from Shin Getter Robo)! In addition, always in November, a new spaceship from the Soul series of Popynica (presumably PX-05): the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bepop.

What is the "original" is that 51 (November) comes before the 50 [...]

PX-04 and PX-01 Hover Pilder

From Toysdaily, a comparison between the new Hover Pilder (or Pileder, says Bandai) PX-04 (based on theory by Shin Mazinger Z) and the old PX-01 in 2000.

In all the photos, PX-01 on the left, PX-04 on the right. As you can see, unfortunately, the differences are quite minimal, limited to the recoloring, a different instrument panel, and an appendix to [...]