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Clue on the GX-61

Posted by Bandai A new clue on the next Soul of Chogokin GX-61!

三 体 合体 ロボ or "robot union of three bodies."

Could potentially be a good ten: any Getter, Daiapolon, Arbegas, Daikengo, etc.. But I'd bet on one of these two, both on the list of most desired chogokin JP:

Saikyo Robot Daioja, the last of the classic super robot Sunrise
SRX, [...]

GX-58 Andromeda

Along with its sister Yamato, Space Battleship Andromeda this marks an important innovation for Bandai: For the first time the spaceships are included in larger series Soul of Chogokin, rather than the Soul of Popynica as it was in the past.

Many have turned their noses up, but apparently the choice of Bandai has paid off, because [...]

GX-56 Bakuryu

And finally, after 4 months from the first issue, we conclude the project Tobikage with this fantastic Bakuryu.

I would say that the series ends with a flourish; I think the Bakuryu is in fact the most aesthetically pleasing of the three, either in robotics that the transformation into a dragon.

Metal content similar to the previous outputs: the majority of the [...]

GX-53 Daitarn 3

And finally comes the turn of Daitarn! Soul of Chogokin One of the most controversial of all time: some great, for others a SoC hated type of processing, differences in the sculpt with the animated series (the thighs for example), but especially for the hate straps that are broken in robot mode in a rather unsightly.

And the [...]

Yamato and Andromeda in Lucca

Another update from Lucca 2010, with the ships that will be released shortly for the series Soul of Chogokin: GX-57 Yamato announced for November and the GX-58 Andromeda of which have yet to be announced date and price.

Definitely very nice (especially the Andromeda) but there are still some concerns. Let's start by Yamato while greater than the sculpt [...]

GX-59 Daltanious in Lucca

While they are still at the hotel ready for my last day at Lucca Comics 2010 and waiting diminishes a bit 'in the rain, here are some pictures of Daltanious.

Abstract: This is obviously not the finished SoC, but a resin prototype. We can then observe to see what has been done by Bandai, but not treat it as if [...]

And after God Sigma Daltanious here!

Bandai announces premiere production of SOC God Sigma [...]

GX-59 Daltanious Tamashii Nation

And finally here is the photo of the prototype shown by the Bandai Tamashii Nation 2010. Again, there are no details on dates and prices (not shown any signs on the plate seems to GX).

The color choice seems really fits perfectly, especially in the key [...]

GX-55 Tobikage & Houraioh

First Impression 5 minutes after opening the box.

The Houraioh is beautiful, in line with what has been seen for the Kurojishi, together they make a beautiful couple. The metal but there is definitely less than in Kurojishi (eye I would say feet, pelvis (the silver part), part of the bust, the copribraccia silver).

I have not tried the [...]

GX-57 Yamato and WW2

As is now well known, in November 2010 will be released by Bandai A new version of Space Battleship Yamato, this time no longer in the Soul series of Popynica (as it would be more correct), but unexpectedly in the main series Soul of Chogokin, which so far had only seen the release of the robot and not of vessels.

It is currently not known [...]