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the GX-46 gallops towards the title of model year?

The GX-46 forward his candidacy for model year [...]

GX-46 Dygenguar & Außenseiter

My first impressions of the new Soul of Chogokin traits of the two robot from Super Robot Wars (DGG DGG-and-XAM1 Dygenguar XAM2 Außenseiter) ... and the first 3 photos.

The box is huge, really huge. Inside the robot and accessories are arranged on 3 "shelves", 1 polystyrene, two transparent plastic (with accessories).

The aesthetics of both robots is [...]

GX-46, first pictures

A few photos (these are not mine, taken from Hima Toy) GX-46 came out today.

The posabilità definitely there, but apparently the articulation is quite original ... so much so that some have not understood

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I can not wait to [...]