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GX-58 Andromeda

Along with its sister Yamato, Space Battleship Andromeda this marks an important innovation for Bandai: For the first time the spaceships are included in larger series Soul of Chogokin, rather than the Soul of Popynica as it was in the past.

Many have turned their noses up, but apparently the choice of Bandai has paid off, because [...]

Yamato and Andromeda in Lucca

Another update from Lucca 2010, with the ships that will be released shortly for the series Soul of Chogokin: GX-57 Yamato announced for November and the GX-58 Andromeda of which have yet to be announced date and price.

Definitely very nice (especially the Andromeda) but there are still some concerns. Let's start by Yamato while greater than the sculpt [...]

GX-57 Yamato and WW2

As is now well known, in November 2010 will be released by Bandai A new version of Space Battleship Yamato, this time no longer in the Soul series of Popynica (as it would be more correct), but unexpectedly in the main series Soul of Chogokin, which so far had only seen the release of the robot and not of vessels.

It is currently not known [...]