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GX-44s Tetsujin 28 VS Black Ox Go

The end of 2008 has given us this little gem Bandai, the product is either smooth as simple gx-44 than in the deluxe (gx-44s) in association with its evil nemesis Black Ox.

Very interesting technical solutions to the ankles (they are removable and are precursors to those of the next gx-45), elbows (where the possibility of mining permits flexion to almost 180 degrees with cosmetic results, however, some questionable) and knees ( in which the presence of flaps on the posterior upper legs allows extreme flexion and therefore allows to put the model also in the knee). Less satisfactory solution of the partially removable hip joint (fortunately optimized solution in the next gx-45) where lateral movements are still limited partly negating the remarkable potential of inclination of the ankles.

All this comes with a considerable weight really saw the huge content zamak. Richest of plastic (albeit with a very respectable weight) and less mobile the Black Ox.

Below are some photos of my gx-44s

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