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GX-39, a supermatrioska!

The GX-39 Baikanfu did grimace to many Italians because of the mode of transformation virtually identical to the more well-known Gordian us! From this was born begs the question of why it was not just this product. The answer to this question is very simple: as is often the case that what we have is better known, it is less so in the East, and vice versa.

And now Bandai has pointed to the gx-39 on the most commercially profitable Baikanfu.

The robot consists of 3 elements (the protagonist. Kenriu white and blue robot and the robot outer Baikanfu) received one inside the other like a true Russian doll and wonder that Bandai has had the ability to give articulation to the robot also Once assembled without the presence of internal components more particularly affects the overall degree of mobility of our Baikanfu.

Wonder also the metal content with all due respect to those who have had the courage to call it "plasticone" (850 grams does not seem so few :) ). In particular, the Kenriu is very rich in zamak.

Beautiful exhibition stand for the weapons-shaped mound and articulated figures of the protagonist and his sister (Rom and Leina Stol).

Sorry that when the mecha is not assembled some parts of the present Baikanfu "holes" (read arms) a little 'unsightly! : (

For me it was the best model of 2007, and I continue to be deeply convinced given the technical work done by Bandai which for my taste is second only to the masterpiece GX-34 Gunbuster.

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