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PX-04 and PX-01 Hover Pilder

From Toysdaily, a comparison between the new Hover Pilder (or Pileder, says Bandai) PX-04 (based on theory by Shin Mazinger Z) and the old PX-01 in 2000.


px04_0026 px01 017 px04_0016

In all the photos, PX-01 on the left, PX-04 on the right. As you can see, unfortunately, the differences are quite minimal, limited to the recoloring, a different instrument panel, and an appendix to the metal on the top of the windshield.

Looking at the series instead, something else would have to do ... I ristampassaro Bandai least the bigwigs :-(

4 comments to PX-04 and PX-01 Hover Pilder

  • Garrison Tokida

    There would also be the different "nose" of the new Pilder + actually pronounced but the differences are really small bone not to mention the presence of the rear grille toalmente absent in the anime and terribly mere witness of recycling, we pass over to me for the price and content that can be reperlo because for us "sick" a Pilder is still a Pilder ..... hope for the best new

  • I would also be curious to see him live. So the red color in the picture looks a lot less appealing plus the PX-01, as I think the control panel much more gaunt (cute maybe the fact that it looks like a motorcycle, as they say in the first episode of Shin Mazinger Z).

  • garbin78

    In fact, the new Pilder leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth ...
    Maybe live the opinion may (partially) change ...
    Having the Px-01 and its bigwigs ... I do not think, at least for now, I'll buy that too ...
    In my opinion, they could postpone the release of this version next year ... and maybe focus on a beautiful model of Brain Condor ... missing since the beginning of this line Popinica ...

  • mechadon

    I do not understand WHY 'have not yet made the BrainCondor with the head of the Great Mazinger ... but there is ONLY the Mazinger Z? ...... Great Mazinger is the apotheosis, the maximum design inspiration, from which he also inspired in the Mazinkaiser shapes and style ... that could have Mazinger (not sure if it is understood, that I prefer the GM to Mz ... heh, heh), but when you decide sti ... sti ... I do not want to offend anyone but almost deserve it.

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