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Upcoming SoC 07/2009

Abbreviation Name Date List yen
GX-47 Energer Z 08/2009 6,300 yen
GX-48 Big O 09/2009 12,800 yen
GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z 10/2009 8,800 yen
GX-50 Combattler V STD 12/2009 17,800 yen
GX-50S DX Combattler V (+ Nanbara Base Connection) 12/2009 27,800 yen
GX-51 Getter Dragon (Shin Getter Robo) 11/2009 7,500 yen
GX-52? Daitarn 3 2010? to be defined
PX-05 Swordfish II (Cowboy Bepop) 11/2009 8,000 yen

Note: I removed my assumptions on the price in € for the avoidance of doubt in our readers; In fact, you do not sell anything here, this is NOT a store, but a simple blog of fans.

EDIT: removed the GX-50S, see the article GX-50S canceled?

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