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the GX-46 gallops towards the title of model year?

In accordance with what has already been written by eclipsevv in a previous article in this synthetically carry the impressions I had after pulling out of the box and turned the gx-46.

I will be brief because of the complexity of the toy we would have to write a poem ........................
I say that in a nutshell is a model simply outstanding, not on the transport of the moment that I said on some forums in the industry who consider him the best in all respects soc always, confirm that even now, after a few days of his arrival This in my opinion.

Huge box, beautiful, beautiful in design and choice of colors.

The two robots are aesthetically appealing and together they give a glance that no photo will ever reason. Detailed and thoroughly equipped, are treated in the smallest details of the soc even more far out.

Ingenious system of joint Dygenguar also the only apparently complicated but in his intuitive understanding of and necessary to allow the laying of the horse. Transform complex and ingenious much to embarrass the good gx-34 in my opinion well explained by the explanatory booklet (I had no problem in any way).

Impressive arsenal of swords and the very scenic base type exhibition mound for weapons. Incredibilmentre fascinating horse prancing and posing solid support that supports him in this position.

A little 'too starts and stops necessary to preserve the proportions of the horse (legs and head), but on the other hand does not make them any miracles. Leggerino the Daizengar, with a satisfactory weight (330 grams) the Aussenseiter. External structure almost entirely of plastic and solid metal inner skeleton for both.

I'm afraid a bit 'for the inserts in gray rigid plastic on the sides of the back of the Dygenguar, I'm afraid that if you do not care to break off with fumbles. The Aussenseiter instead, aided by the fact of going to form the trunk of the horse, has a very strong constitution.

Posabilità good for Aussenseiter, one of the outstanding Dygenguar (basically does the splits thanks to the amazing articulation of the pelvis and ankles bend a lot). Coating cured, not a smear!

According to my very personal rents a model that deserves a nomination for the title of authoritative toy of the year!

Some photos

3 comments to the GX-46 gallops towards the title of model year?

  • Thanks Cava! I think that most of the collectors who have snubbed this model as dear stranger should think again: the GX-46 is a model indispensable, much more than the 3 Mazinger out in the same period.

  • garbin78

    It 'another masterpiece Bandai that many will appreciate over time, perhaps more than now ...
    At the moment I do not own ... but with excellent photos and inviting that I read rece ... surely we'll do a thought ...

  • Garrison Tokida

    well I would say that it is already galloping and has already taken a large margin, its potneziali antagonists, or big-laws, may rely more on weight but in technical and graphical think that hardly make a sprint sull'amata "couple of warmongers"

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