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GX-45A Atami Night Version

Announced the new limited Soul of Chogokin for the exhibitions Tamashii Nations 2009 Autumn (scheduled for early October): ... another Zetto is very similar to the previous Psycho Gundam Hong Kong Night. The style is in fact that of the GX-01RB, and fully chromed.

Atami Night

If I read well the characters, the SoC is dedicated to the city of Atami; for the curious, it is a seaside city in Shizuoka prefecture ... among other things twinned with San Remo

7 comments to GX-45A Atami Night Version

  • Garion-Oh

    Atami is the city that is involved in the first fight of Mazinger Z in the new animated series. The fight takes place at night, so it Atami Night.
    The pectoral plates have that effect, because I'm about to launch the breast fire.

  • alex75it

    Beautiful ..... I catch a lot :)
    Species for the particular pectoral plates ...: =)

  • garbin78

    It 'a beautiful limited ... lucky future owners ...
    Original ... the idea of ​​making the pecs in the process of launching the breast fire ...
    Does anyone have any idea of ​​the price you can get this version?

  • Exactly! As Garion said the model reproduces the appearance of the mecha combat against Doublas M2, while in the night on the city of Atami Zeta are about to download the breast fire on the opponent! Very nice, I think I'll try to get it! ;)

  • the soc dedicated to the city 'of atami not' nice but rather 'e'stupendo.'ve seen today for the first time and I must say I was bowled "on yia damask." quotes aside and' a gem that not I'm looking forward to have in mani.a mazinga are not in a bad way "gx 01, gx01r, black mazinga, gx07ova, iron z, z shin mazinga, gx02r, and 01r which I have done" tuning "l ' I completely disassembled I modeled the head as I liked it, draws painted with white and black "as in the carton leaving the forearms bleu, well, the result has exceeded my expectations" beautiful. "name; mazinga z x.

  • Garrison Tokida

    ok way you do in this place also featured!!!

  • like75

    For a traverse + there is always room ........
    You say you will have the Scrander?

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