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Lucca '09 - Statues and bigwigs

Further update from Lucca Comics, with some craft items at the fair.

Very interesting these figurines in lead 6: 3 on the left are replicas of those found in Bandai GX black (for accuracy GX-01B, GX-02B, GX-04B), the 3 on the right (the 3 pilots of Getter Robo ) are made from scratch.

The quality is absolutely identical to what has already been produced by Bandai, and I hope to see more soon.

Statuine in piombo

The following instead (within the same stand), the statuettes colorful and a great big head of Mazinger Z, a replica of the PX-01X made of resin and colored: the effect is much more attractive than the PX-01X itself.

Koji e Tetsuya colorati

Testone replica PX-01X

7 comments to Lucca '09 - Statues and bigwigs

  • Garrison Tokida

    well for the thumbnails work has already begun the Florentine craftsman who produces told me to be at work for banjo and beauty reika from porporre with the release of gx

  • garbin78

    The statues are spectacular ... really superb those of the Getter Team ...
    The replica of the bigwigs Zetto is extraordinary ... and basically makes it much more original ...
    The colored versions are another nice touch, excellent!
    Well ... if you produce those for the release of Daitarn ... there will be a fight to get them to do ...!

  • The creator of the statues is "The NILE" in Florence ... I often find out GV ( but his site is this:
    Now on the homepage has its wonderful collection of custom Jumbo General Mikenes ... is really smart!

  • admin

    Of course yes, very nice. If you want to write a few lines of comment I can also enter as a post.

  • John

    Hello, thank you for the compliments :-)
    I am the author of the thumbnails pilots (Koji and Tetsuya) and colorful big head.
    I want to clarify that I have not done any sculpt, but only painting.
    Indeed, in Lucca lament that he had failed to find replicas of the other drivers, because otherwise a Duke Fled or a Getter Team I seized him. And, no, they were not all in the usual stand by me ... colored ones were at the booth of a friend of Viareggio.

  • like75

    I had the tri Getter, and I colored the first 2, Musashi and Ryoma, while Hayto is in the works .......
    Left are so happy with the product that I ordered and received the trio of Daitarn3.

    I admit that musashi is the most successful of the three, followed by Ryoma, Hayato and is so 'so', so much so that I have not yet had the 'soul of color it.

    As you advance preview of the trio d3 that are really beautiful but perfectible, when the friend open the title EclipseVV maybe ........

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