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Koutetsu JEEG - SAR # 03

It's been months since I wanted to tell you about this wonderful model of Jeeg. I state that this is not a model "industrial", but a beautiful custom handcrafted by master SchumyGo, a talented modeler of the Roman, for its line of custom "Super robots Restyle Alternatives."

The base resin is a commercial static Schumy which has made several structural changes: in short, the model has been made magnetic and can be laid and have been created in just the accessories that were not present in the original resin (which was the only bazooka) and the exhibition stand.

The quality is absolutely fantastic, and I have to say (incredibly, it is a custom model) which is perhaps the first time that a non-magnetic model presents stability problems, indeed, this is very stable Jeeg: picking up the model, the "joints "magnetic are practically glued, but at the same time the robot is posabilissimo.

Among other things, the particularity of this model is also in having the hooks magnetic ALL, not just some, as in previous attempts Takara, Bandai (Kotetsushin Jeeg) and CM's (Gakeen) below the decomposed model and the other two classic poses .

The realization is resin (there are obviously diecast parts), but at the same time the model is heavy, because of the strong presence of magnets and ferrous material.

The coloring is absolutely fantastic, as only an experienced modeller SchumyGo know how to accomplish. The model is available in three colors: a normal, a pre-shading/weathering and one black, and one that I chose you see in the picture is the pre-shading, although all three are fantastic ... if the good Schumy reopen the I would have reservations about the idea of ​​Him to ask the other two!

Absolutely fantastic even the presence of weapons: SAR # 03 in fact includes a pair of piercing missiles, a pair of rotating disks and a bazooka, in addition to the 3 types of punches (open, closed, and "united" to simulate the double-hammer drilling ).

Only fault (if I may say so) is that the model, it is not industrial, it is certainly more delicate and must be handled with care in this regard.

We are all waiting for the CM's Jeeg future, but at the same time are already certain that it will never reach these heights ... it will mean that I will use the CM's to fight and play robottoni ;-)

I close with a comparison with the model Bandai, the scale is similar so they are side by side.

Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity SchumyGo friend who gave me to have a model of its kind in the collection, hoping to soon have new SAR collection. I refer you directly to the page on his website for more details on the model: Zone of Hobbies SAR # 03

7 comments to Koutetsu JEEG - SAR # 03

  • Very Valerio! It 'sa real pleasure to see the SAR # 03 in the collections of others, especially with these beautiful photos! Thanks for all the compliments, too kind. Salutoni! ^ __ ^

  • About Paul ... but the SAR # 02 what was it? I took a tour of ZOH but it seems to me not to talk about it?

  • nothing short of spectacular

  • SAR # 02 is the Zambot hybridized with the Master Grade gundamico. ^ ^
    ZOH is still in the recovery phase, but if you go to the LINKS section you can find all the models in "ZOH ARCHIVE COLLECTION" and "ARCHIVE ZOH MODEL KIT". ;)

    @ DarkAryn: Hello! I am also involved in the compliment and I thank you very much. ^ __ ^

  • Yes, yes, I remembered the Zambot! I did not remember, however, had been "serialized" as SAR

  • Alexander

    hello I wanted to know if it was the unsold Koutetsu JEEG - SAR # 03

  • Hello, I'm sorry, but this is just the blog of a collector, I do not sell anything. You can follow the link in the article to the site of the modeler that produced it, but I know do not do anymore anyway.

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