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Voltron Toynami Mastepiece

Some pictures of Voltron Masterpiece, just come into my collection after many years of hesitation.

It must be said that his impression in the picture and makes it live, but the flaws that made me procrastinate so far there are not too good painting, especially the delicate legs of chromed plastic; project halfway between a new model and a vintage look pretty giocattoloso.

However, perhaps to do a purchase for lovers of Golion / Voltron, at least until pending a possible SoC Bandai. The important thing is not to pay too much!

2 comments to Voltron Toynami Mastepiece

  • like75

    Congratulations anyway for what it is right now the most Voltron Voltron.
    and for the collection of Eclipsew that crese increasingly

  • elia

    hello, I am going to buy one thing even I myself consilgli (Voltron masterpice limited series)
    the parts are made of metal? painted or similar.

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