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GX-59 Daltanious in Lucca

While they are still at the hotel ready for my last day at Lucca Comics 2010 and waiting diminishes a bit 'in the rain, here are some pictures of Daltanious.

Abstract: This is obviously not the finished SoC, but a resin prototype. We can then observe to see what has been done by Bandai, but not treat it as if it were the final and finished product.

The sculpt (at least from the front) I really like. Should be noted that unlike what speculated, the "pant" of the robot is black in front and behind; launch into a hypothesis: in my pant front folds (you can see that it is divided into 3 parts) and enters the lion's head on opening the mouth (the rest having to accept the lion is empty Atlaus / Antares). Just my opinion indicative staining was clearly hand-painted with paint rather grainy; I expect so visible differences in the final SoC.

Moreover, as is evident from the picture below, the robot is not placed correctly, the feet of Beralios are not in fact been folded correctly in order to put the robot back on the shelf.

Judgement (albeit temporary)? Many are criticizing, but I really liked it. Surely there are some concerns, but live the overall effect is great. I would not hurt if the feet on the ground, in the previous official photo we can see clearly that fold in a different way from that!

I would add in closing that the card has been changed yesterday with the official date (at least for Italy): April 2011.

EDIT: I can post you returned to Rome 3 more pictures taken today after several ambushes on the stand Cosmic :-)

Here you can clearly see the space on the shoulders of Daltanious where they will be housed paws Beralios (confirming what I reported this morning). Here is a photo of the strange empty articulation of the foot (hinged only on the "shield" side).

And finally .... FIERY SWORD!!!!!

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