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Supercar Gattiger

For now I have moved away from the usual modern Gokin to show you some pictures of one of the toys that I most loved as a child: the legendary Gattiger, one of the masterpieces of the disappearance Takatoku.

... There's nothing to do, I'll never be a vintage collector: every time I pull out one of these pieces, I can not help but to assemble and play half an hour, pace the paint will chip :-D

2 comments to Supercar Gattiger

  • gigi

    is beautiful ... I have it, I managed to find it in condition perfette.E 'just a nice collector's item .... but unlike you I do not play, I'd hate to spoil too much if you ... hello
    complimemti for the site ....

  • I also like you but I can not resist and I hope always mounted in the paint, however, is now mounted in cabinet

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