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EX Shin Getter 1 and broken wings

It's finally been released by Fewture EX Gokin we were waiting for almost 2 years: Shin Getter 1, despite not having the same strength in my "disruptive" of the early EX Gokin and being inferior to these, the robot is still aesthetically really nice.

Unfortunately, the quality control Fewture has struck again: the problem of the wings is unfortunately still present, so that Fewture has published on its website information on how to handle the wings do not break, and at the same time on the forums Asian begin to appear the first photo broken wings.

(Photos from various Asian forums, I'm not thinking of taking it)

Take These broken wings ... I know ...

1 comment to EX Shin Getter 1 and broken wings

  • Paul

    Hello to all,
    I would not be bucking the web I read with great astonishment that went to pieces, was glued etc ...
    Now that I have it I can only say that I am lying, except for some unfortunate, however, that the wings are repairable, the robot features in the structure of the screws, and if there was glue you could not see anything, the torso is hard and 'is awesome!!
    I must admit though that for me the robot was judged too hastily.
    A word of advice, buy it because it's worth it!!

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