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Brave Gokin 34 Barattack

And we close today with what is probably forcefully grabs the prize for worst model of the century, the poor Barattack by CM's.

The model is a loyalty that I would call excellent. As you can see from the picture the model perfectly represents his animated counterpart. Piccolino but being paunchy will not notice much.

In the box are [...]

Baldios CM's

A few photos of the Brave Gokin 19 Uchuu Sensi Baldios.

I've always loved Baldios, the story is interesting and the ending is virtually unique in the anime robot. That's why I bought the model even though virtually all had nipped in the various reviews.

Below the photo of each shuttle and transformations in Baldios.

# Gallery-1 {
margin: auto;
# Gallery-1 [...]

Gordian is 3 robots ....

Out in November the Gordian CM'S.
First photos of the finished model and painted. [...]