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Yamato and Andromeda in Lucca

Another update from Lucca 2010, with the ships that will be released shortly for the series Soul of Chogokin: GX-57 Yamato announced for November and the GX-58 Andromeda of which have yet to be announced date and price.

Definitely very nice (especially the Andromeda) but there are still some concerns. Let's start by Yamato while greater than the sculpt [...]

Lucca Comics Cosplay 2010

Many interesting cosplay this year! Below is my review of the most significant among those encountered during a walk Saturday along the streets of Lucca.

While last year I had been captured by the beauty of Yoko, this year for my first award goes to an incredible job: a beautiful Yamato huge and stunning detail with lots of [...]

GX-59 Daltanious in Lucca

While they are still at the hotel ready for my last day at Lucca Comics 2010 and waiting diminishes a bit 'in the rain, here are some pictures of Daltanious.

Abstract: This is obviously not the finished SoC, but a resin prototype. We can then observe to see what has been done by Bandai, but not treat it as if [...]

Lucca '09 - Statues and bigwigs

Further update from Lucca Comics, with some craft items at the fair.

Very interesting these statues in lead 6: 3 on the left are replicas of those found in black Bandai GX (exactly GX-01B, GX-02B, GX-04B); the 3 on the right (the 3 pilots Getter Robo) are made from scratch.

The quality is absolutely identical to [...]

Lucca '09 - Cosplay Gurren Lagann

A few updates from Lucca Comics '09 just ended.

Before the models I wanted to post some pictures of this beautiful cosplay taken from Gurren Lagann.

The costumes are really beautiful in my opinion and well made; wonderful example of the coat Kamina, the fucilone, boots and bra ... 2 sizes smaller

Just going to Yoko, the [...]