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A hug

The blog Chogokin Mania tightens around his co-author Mazingetter. A big hug Stefano, look forward to your return.

6 comments to A hug

  • garbin78

    I'm terribly sorry ... a few days ago, by pure chance, I had made partaker of this family situation ...
    A big hug dear Stephen and so much strength to continue ...

  • alex75it

    A big hug from me too ...

  • A big thank you for moving the webmaster thought that he wanted to devote myself!
    When it is dismounted but we must be ready to get back in the saddle, so here I am back, partly because dedicate to our wonderful hobby will help me to have an outlet!
    Thanks again to everyone! ;)

  • alex75it

    Stefano Grande!

  • garbin78

    Welcome back dear Stephen ...

  • Garrison Tokida

    great Cava always one of us, it's nice to reread!!

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