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Fewture Ex Gokin Shin Getter 1

First images of the new Ex Gokin Fewture, the Shin Getter 1, inspired by the drawings left by the late Taku Sato!

The model looks promising!

Probably more pictures of the model will be available from 26 July when that will be held next Wonder Festival, and thereafter from 8 August when Fewture should present it to 'International Model & Toys Festival to be held on 8 and 9 August at the Hong Kong Trade & Exhibition Center.

Release the spring of 2010, height 26 cm, price 34800 Yen

15 comments to Fewture Ex Gokin Shin Getter 1

  • I must say that I do not particularly like, maybe the shape of the legs, too many joints in view, too much white in the center of the figure, but not my thing. I also find the design very different from the previous ones, so that I think that the name of Sato's just a "tricksy" Fewture and that of the late Professor Robo has to do a little time.

  • So then you buy Valerio! : D

  • Garion-Oh

    I have never bought a Fewture. I was not interested. But the Getter I have always seemed to have a certain charm. The Mazinger less. Shin Getter ... And this does not tell me anything.

  • Instead of this I do not get it: I do not know, your legs with this form I just seem unsuited to Shin Getter.

  • We'll talk in the spring, Vale! : D

  • garbin78

    Personally, I find it interesting ... and deserving of careful analysis by those who at the moment are less convinced ...

  • like75

    But please ...... hopefully not yamashita various designs and venus aphrodite minerva ...... and then die, otherwise we would end another sea of ​​crazy things like this.
    Do not just write Fewture Ex Gokin to make a pattern.
    and that those heads are coming out of the back? was perhaps Cernobi!! or is a cross with the Hunchback of Paris.
    The first Fewture getter was cute but it was already sold at a price that was not there. This is obscene.
    What cricket legs, thin wings that bat ciliaco ..... that look Gabibbo.
    And then buy this you will never be reprinted or wait for the reprint with another color that maybe it will be more 'beautiful?
    I'd really like him a Venus Yamashita ........... and enroll at Queen's Blade.
    PS will not even Grendizer?

  • Well, I take note of your disappointment (by the way, what is a bat ciliaco?), But also this model apparently is having on various online forums Italian and foreign industry a good share of admirers. I do not think the case to be so caustic in the comments, on the other hand we know that the Fewture products have always been highly debated among fans and detractors avid gutted! And as rightly said by Valerio or if you do not like it if you think it costs too much you do not buy, stop ................ and wallet thank you! ;)

  • like75

    A celiac is someone like me who is allergic to gluten (BREAD TO MAKE IT SHORT) and then (it is NOT MY CASE) you tend to stay skinny.
    Virtually has wings too small ...... and legs to look at them better than by cricket seem to be chicken.
    (I'm using a keyboard that is not Apple because my broke but I can not pair it well with the mac I have problems with the e and I are reversed, the q and c equal and all punctuation, Monday cm ² shall recover the keyboard right)
    In fact I love the first of Fewture getta1 and traverse, others just do not talk to me.
    I apologize if I may have been scathing comment but I came so ', from the heart, maybe because I do not think a thing born of Sato.
    If you like it wise to buy this no rain, but it will not snow even on those who do not buy it.

  • Oh yeah, celiac, not ciliaco as it was written, I did not understand!
    Yes, I know what is the celichia, I figured, I'm a doctor! ;)

  • Gmatta

    I find it very beautiful: I love the old style of robottoni a little square and massive, but I also appreciate the sleek and slender figures that give a feeling of agility and aggressiveness as in the case of this model.
    I am one of those who ordered and also risked to remain dry.

  • Pappo Getter

    It seems like a crusade against Fewture ... I guess I do not like just because it costs too much, I like him a lot and prenderò.Poi the design is really being done by Sato, I do not understand why someone does not believe it, the Japanese are serious about these things and religion italiani.Poi not like us before making statements must move and go with the feet in Japan, because in general I read a lot of bales that I do is bend over with laughter, HAHAHAHAHAHA ^ __ ^

  • Well, riditela as well, but that at some level we also sell to make money while the mother did not discover mica today is not it? And the toys of Japanese firms are no exception!
    We talk about the sales policy of gx-48 and its accessories? Or the management of the announcement of the production of gx-49? And with these other examples I could bring in 1000!
    Concerning the fact that the sketches of this model have actually been produced by Sato also I cherish more than a doubt having seen them and having had a note dfferenza quite clear in the stretch than the sketches of Mazinger, the Astrorobot, Getter Dragon and Diapolon. But they are obviously just doubt that anyone will ever clear up all the way, although still remain. I would not be surprised, however, to nothing if the item you are sketches of Sato had been put around just to get to make money and I personally do not influence even the slightest, what matters is that the model (for me) is very nice and as you've preodinato months from the understanding that I have strong doubts about the way seems to have been assembled (apparently not a screw, we risk certain flaws in resgistrate getter 1?)

  • hello ragazzi.personalmente the shin getter one to me 'and' piacito a lot and I bought the statue dellaT.OPCOLLECTION with intent to do tunning.essendo well made and an excellent material lends itself well to the kind of work that I intend to applicargli.non I'm here 'to explain how, but the soc. once completed will be 'snodatissimo, if someone should be interested I'll be' happy to explain how to proceed to get an outstanding result with few euro.buona evening to all

  • like75

    continue to spostarne 's output than however seems close ......
    As for me may not even produce it, I will not lose the 'appetite.

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